What is the European Union?

The European Union is a community of states. The abbreviation for the European Union is the EU. There are currently 28 states in the European Union.


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More than 500 million people live in the EU. From Portugal in the west to Romania in the east, from Finland in the north to Italy in the south.
Germany is the biggest country in the EU with more than 80 million people. Malta is the smallest country in the EU. About 400 000 people live in Malta.
The EU states want to live in peace with one another. The EU states want to live in freedom with one another. They want to reduce poverty in EU countries. That is why the states formed a union together.
Many rules and laws are not made in Germany, France or Poland anymore. The EU makes the rules. The rules apply to all EU states.
In the EU everyone may travel freely. Every citizen of an EU country may work or study in another EU country. Businesses from an EU state may sell their products in every other EU country.
The states do not always agree. The EU is like a family: the EU states stick together even if there are arguments.

Translation: Cai Nebe.
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