What else is interesting about the European Union?

What else should you know about the European Union? Here you will find Information on the employees of the EU, the languages spoken within the Union, but also on the flag and the European Anthem.


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The flag of the European Union is blue and has golden stars. (dpa / picture alliance / Jens Kalaene)
About 40 000 people work for the European Union. Most of these people work for the European Commission. Many people also work for the European Parliament.
People from many different countries work together at the EU. The EU has 24 official languages. Employees speak mostly English and French. The EU has many translators.
Most people work for the EU in Brussels in Belgium. The most important EU decisions are made in Brussels. That is why many people say Brussels is the capital city of the EU.
The EU has its own flag. The flag is blue and has gold stars on it. The stars form a circle. It is supposed to show that the countries in the EU stick together.
The EU also has its own anthem. An anthem is an especially important song. The EU anthem was made using the work of two famous artists. The music comes from Ludwig van Beethoven. The text comes from Friedrich Schiller. The song is about people sticking together. It is about people having freedom and being equal. The EU said: this is important for us. That is why the song by Beethoven and Schiller will be our anthem.

Translation: Cai Nebe.